Bookmarks for November 20th

These are my links for November 20th:

  • Red Rocket for the iPhone – Only as Good as the TTC is at Staying on Schedule – Some tips on using the Red Rocket iPhone application (I love this app). I really wish that BlogTO would publish full feeds; I was reading this on a plane last night via offline Google Reader, and couldn't read the entire article but had to wait until today to get home, find the bookmark again, and click through to it online. This inconvenience does not make me want to do anything with BlogTO's advertisers, so not sure the justification for this.
  • Which Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)? – Information on the new tax-free savings accounts that are coming to Canada in January.

Bookmarks for October 29th

These are my links for October 29th:

  • » iPhone meets Red Rocket • Spacing Toronto • understanding the urban landscape – Hawt! A Red Rocket iPhone app for all your TTC schedules, including things like using the GPS capability to tell you when the next vehicle is due at your stop. Of course, it's based on schedules rather than the actual vehicle location, but that's the fault of TTC, not the app developers. After using it for a few minutes (and not even while in Toronto), the only suggestion I have is to incorporate the subway station maps from

Bookmarks for October 17th

These are my links for October 17th:

  • Facebook | October Swap Party – Have a ton of clothes that you don't wear anymore? Bring them along to a swap party, and get the chance to pick through other people's stuff for some new (old) clothes to take home. Everything left at the end of the day goes to charity.