The New TTC Streetcars: How To Work The POP

The new Toronto streetcars have been running on Spadina for more than a week now, and I confess to going out the first day and taking a ride just to try them out. A lot of other people were doing the same; I ran into a friend on the car and we rode together up to Spadina Station, where she departed to head home, and I stayed on to ride back down to my point of origin.

2014-08-31 18.05.56One thing that’s different is how you pay for your ride: you can board at any door of the streetcar and you don’t interact with the driver, so you need to show proof of payment (POP) if requested by an inspector. To get your POP, you can pay using the machines on the platforms or on the streetcars directly. Here’s how it works:

  • If you have cash (coins only, exact change required) or a token, use the machine to print a POP receipt by entering the cash/token and hitting the Print button.
  • If you have a student or senior ticket, validate it in the small machine on the left of the machine, and that validated ticket becomes your POP.
  • If you have a Metropass or a transfer from another line (subway, bus or streetcar), nothing for you to do: just get on the car and ride. Your Metropass or transfer is your POP.

This should speed up boarding considerably, since you can board at any of the four doors, and pay on the streetcar if you don’t have time before you board. The low floors make it easy to board – a nice change from the big step up on the old cars – and a ramp can be deployed at the second door using a pushbutton from the inside or outside.

They are still running old streetcars on the Spadina line as well as the two new ones (thanks to the Bombardier strike that stopped production after two of the new cars), and the old streetcars now also require POP onboard even though you board at the front: the driver will hand you a paper transfer even if you think you don’t need one. I’m not sure if they are actually going to use POP inspectors on the old cars; this would be good, since it would mean a switch to boarding at all doors even on the old cars.

All this will change in a few months when Presto is rolled out for payment; it wasn’t ready in time for the August 31 new streetcars, and apparently these machines are a temporary stopgap.

A point of new streetcar etiquette: if you’re on a streetcar and see someone get on and not purchase a fare onboard, don’t openly accuse them of being a fare cheat, since they may have purchased the fare on the platform before the car arrived, or have a transfer or Metropass. I had to wave my Metropass to appease some random passenger last week when he accused me of that, although maybe it was me calling him a dickhead that shut him up.

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