This is what @BrickWarehouse thinks my new @Frigidaire fridge should sound like #fail

I have a brand new Frigidaire fridge, purchased at The Brick Warehouse less than 3 months ago. We made our first service call within 48 hours of delivery, and are now working on our fourth service call. They have finally agreed to fix a deficiency in the freezer door, although that will take another few weeks, but every service person from The Brick and their post-sale warranty service outsourcer, TransGlobal Service, has told us that this noise is “completely normal” (starting at around 10 seconds in):

It’s sort of like popcorn popping, only without the delightful smell. And no, there’s no ice-maker in the fridge, so it’s not that.

Here it is another time, starting at around 18 seconds:

This is not an occasional noise: it happens every time that the fridge starts up, and runs for several seconds. We live in an open loft-style apartment, and it is clearly audible everywhere in our home. Not good.

I’ve had a lot of fridges. I have never heard a noise like this, and don’t consider it normal, or acceptable. It is also clear that the TransGlobal Service people (and possibly the one person from The Brick who finally responded to my request for assistance) have been coached to say that about any noise, since most of them said that the noise is normal without having even heard it. In fact, one of the TransGlobal technicians told me that this model was “known for being noisy”, which may be news to Frigidaire.

It’s probably clear that I won’t be buying from The Brick again, and likely not from Frigidaire either, but I’d really like to get the noise problem resolved so that the $1,000 that we spent on the fridge doesn’t go to waste when we chuck the noisy thing over the balcony.

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  1. Ugh! After hearing people talk about problems with new appliances, it makes me want to keep my old ones forever.
    No fridge should sound like that! It sounds like it’s plopping ice cubes out (even though you said it doesn’t do ice).

    1. Reducing noise is the reason that we didn’t get an ice maker (plus, we don’t use that much ice). Our old fridge was working okay but was starting to run a bit loud, and used twice the electricity that this one does. However, if I have to unload this and buy another one, that will undo several years of energy savings. 🙁

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