Air Canada Check In #Fail In Miami

Worst Air Canada check in service ever, flying from Miami to Toronto last week. My first choice is to check in on my phone and get an electronic boarding pass, but Air Canada doesn’t do that for cross-border flights to the US (although it works fine for flights to, for example, the UK). My second choice is to go online and print my boarding pass, but the hotel didn’t have easy facilities for that. My third choice is to use an automated check in kiosk at the airport to print my boarding pass, but there weren’t any in Miami for Air Canada. My fourth and dead last choice is to check in with an Air Canada agent, even though I have gold status and can go through the fast line – it just takes longer. When you have the most inefficient check in agents in the world such as Air Canada has in Miami, it take even longer.


The two pictures above were taken at the Air Canada check in counter at Miami on November 9th at 11:42am (my flight left after 2pm so there was no danger of missing my flight). At that time, I have been waiting in line for at least 10 minutes, and had about another 10 to go. Note that there are 12 (!!) agents behind the counter: 4 at the left (one is almost hidden behind the waiting passenger), 2 just to the right of that (at the right of the leftmost picture), 4 just to the right of that, then 2 at the far right. These 12 agents were serving 3 customers in this set of photos, and taking an incredibly long time to do so. The leftmost counter, which would normally serve gold passengers, had 4 people working on one family’s check in for the entire time that I was there. The next counter, which would normally also take gold passengers, waved me off several times with a “we’re not ready yet”. The next two lines, ostensibly for non-gold passengers, would normally wave over gold passengers if they were waiting in line; they served 2 or 3 non-gold passengers but mostly put their heads together over their computers and provided no indication that they were serving customers. One person who walked over was checked in by one of the counters, another was waved off.

I really have no idea what all of these people were doing for the 20 minutes that I waited before being served. Some of them were tapping away at their computers. Others were chatting amongst themselves. None of them were providing anything approximating good customer service.

To the Air Canada check in staff who complain about cutbacks: this is why I want you to be replaced by a kiosk.

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