Market Flavours: Fresh Fruit

Red and golden raspberriesFruit has been a bit sparse in the past weeks due to Ontario’s growing season and the cold, rainy early summer, but we’re starting to see a wider variety these weeks. Strawberries are done, but raspberries – both red and golden – are available. I wrote about cherries (more specifically, the really easy pie that you can make from the sour cherries) previously, and you can still get both sweet and sour cherries at the market.

Peaches and plums from LoffredoPlums have just started, and there are both yellow and blue varieties available. Peaches made their first appearance last week, as well as cantaloupes (or “Boscoloupes” as they were advertised 🙂 ). I came home with all three of those, plus more sweet cherries.

I still had a few sour cherries left from the previous week, and made another cherry pie to take to a friend’s for dinner; I have more of the sour cherries in the freezer to enjoy after the season is over.

Check out the crop availability chart to see what else is coming up soon: in August, we’ll start to see apples, grapes, nectarines and pears in addition to the continuing peaches and plums as different varieties come into season.

Fresh fruit is available at many of the St. Andrew’s Farmers’ Market stands, including Bosco Farms, Loffredo Fruit Farms, O.K. Farms and Thames River Melons. Every Saturday until October 31st, rain or shine, 9am-1pm.

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