Sometimes, the bear eats you

Sometimes I think that my friends have much more interesting jobs that I do:

Polar Bear and seal

This is taken by a friend who works for Fisheries and Oceans Canada, on a trip with an icebreaker in the Arctic.

In my job, I only see this metaphorically.

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  1. So basically your whole site is bitching about stuff that you got for free or cheap. I’m sure you’re likely to respond cause im the only person who actually comments on this blog.

  2. Hi Jaydee, I’m not sure that I understand the basis for your comment, do you care to substantiate it? On a post about a friend’s wildly fascinating trip on an icebreaker in the far north, which included a picture of a polar bear catching a seal, you claim that my whole site is about bitching about stuff that I got for free or cheap — that doesn’t make much sense. Maybe you could point specifically to the posts with which you disagree, or if you dislike the general tone of the blog, then there are many other blogs out there that you can choose to read instead of this one.

    I do often use this site to complain about products for which I’m a consumer, because public blogging about consumer issues is a good way to get these issues resolved. In many cases, these are products that I pay full price for, like Rogers wireless, which I complained about just last week when I couldn’t do what I wanted to do on their website even though the site is designed to do that, which caused me to have to spend 20 minutes on hold waiting for someone to answer. The complaining that I did about NetFirms, an absolutely abysmal hosting provider, ended up with a resolution of my issues in a way that I couldn’t get just by calling their customer service department.

    The two posts that have garnered the most comments (by the way, you’re the 295th person to comment on this blog, not the only one) were the posts about the problems in moving my domain from Yahoo hosting a few years back, and a post about a local moving company that my sister had problems with. In both cases, the comments became a place for people with the same issues to exchange ideas: on the Yahoo posts, they exchanged the hard-to-find phone numbers for Yahoo customer service; in the case of Desi Movers, I still see about one comment per week, and some people are using the comments section to organize those interested in launching a lawsuit against the company.

    Consumers have a right to complain if products and service do not meet the standards of any explicit or implied contract, and as a blogger writing about mostly local events, it’s my duty to write about issues that might impact others, especially if I can save them the headaches that I went through in a situation.

    I also use this blog to talk — in a non-complaining fashion — about other things that I care about: food, wine, the local arts scene, travel. You might want to read my recent posts about Nuit Blanche, the farmers’ market at Nathan Phillips Square, Argentinian wines, and my husband’s experiments building an HD OTA antenna if you’re looking for something a bit more upbeat.

  3. Click through and see the rest of her photos, they’re pretty amazing.

    Sometimes you have to listen to people, even if they’re trolls: it’s worth having a checkpoint to see if I’m complaining too much, or just enough. 🙂

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