What’s the Difference?

Damir and I recently volunteered for a video project with my talented photographer friend Rannie (who also did my headshots) for SXSW called 20 x 2. We just sat on the couch, he did all the work.

20 x 2 : What's The Difference? from photojunkie on Vimeo.

Rannie was looking for 10 straight and 10 gay couples; when I asked Damir if he wanted to participate, he said “we’d be one of the straight couples, right?” 🙂

2 Replies to “What’s the Difference?”

  1. Hey! I was in this too. Which couple were you guys? We were… humm… geeze, I don’t even know how to differentiate us. Brick Wall! We’re the brick wall couple.

  2. What an amazing coincidence – how do you know Rannie?

    We’re at around the 50 second mark, we’re on a pinkish couch and I’m wearing a bright pink sweater — usually not that much pink in my life! Bookcase behind us, and we both have computers on our lap at one point.

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