Ontario Wine Review newsletter

I used to blog about wine and wine events over on the AWS blog, but when I resigned from the AWS board in order to spend more quality time going to conferences 😉 I decided to cut back to two blogs as well. However, I get a lot of wine and food news and enjoy blogging about it, so will resurrect that part of it here.

Today, the most recent copy of Michael Pinkus’ Ontario Wine Review newsletter arrived. You can read it online here or download a PDF version here. I have to say, I’m really turned off by the permission email newsletter model by now. Blogging is so easy, and there is really nothing to be gained by having my email address on your mailing list; I’d much rather receive this and other newsletters purely through my RSS reader, not through emails piling up in my "to read" folder. He seems to have five (!!) specialized blogs and a podcast, but when I click on any of the syndicate options on the main newsletter site, I only see the message "Error creating feed file, please check write permissions". Grrrr.

In any case, this week’s newsletter has a review of Cave Spring Cellars, which I’ve never visited although I’ve driven through Jordan many times on the way to the rest of the Niagara wineries. Pinkus liked their "Dolomite" Riesling and their "La Penna" Cab Franc/Cab Sauv blend, the latter of which is only available at the winery since they only made 200 cases. Sound worth checking out.

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