Some things never change…

I missed the CASCON conference this year, but just found some notes from last year’s conference, which included a session on barriers to women in technology/business. In addition to some dismal numbers on the percentage of women on corporate boards (14.7% in the US, 11.2% in Canada), I jotted down a brilliant quote from the speaker:

When a man fails, no one ever wonders if it was because he is a man.

Not sure if this was hers originally or if she’s quoting someone else, but it’s brilliant nonetheless.

I also noted a source for stats on women receiving degrees in Computer Science, which shows not exactly stellar numbers: women took 15% of the undergraduate degrees in 2004/5, 25% of the Masters’ degrees, and 15% of the Ph.D.’s.

A speaker from the University of Waterloo (where I graduated Engineering) stated that we have to be honest when speaking with girls considering going into computer science, and tell them that they may be the only girl in their high school or even university computer science class: I was shocked that this is still the case.

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