Zipcar referral program

Join Zipcar and get $25 in free driving!Zipcar has a new referral program, where if I refer someone, we both get $25 in driving credit. Pretty good deal, eh? Click on the badge at the right to sign up for Zipcar using my referral code.

I’ve had pretty good experiences with Zipcar so far; I documented my first one here, and have rented with them a few more times since then. In Canada, I’ve never had the problem with the gas card that I had in the US on my first rental, it’s worked flawlessly. I have had a few times when the car wasn’t as clean as it could have been — the prior renter leaving crumbs on the seat or coffee rings on the console — although I have to admit that it’s still cleaner than my boyfriend’s car. 🙂 They also dropped their rates a couple of months ago, making it even closer in price (or cheaper, depending on the length of rental) to a regular rental car while remaining much more convenient.

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