The Great Canadian Rip-off

In case there’s any doubt that we’re being ripped off by retailers here in Canada, I went looking for a hard drive upgrade for my laptop today. On the HP US site, it’s $US237.50:

HP $US for replacement drive

On the HP Canada site, it’s $C318:

HP $CDN for replacement drive

However, a deposit of $US funds to my bank account earlier today showed that the $US is only worth $0.938 Canadian, which means that we should be paying $237.50 x .938 = $C222.78. So we’re paying a premium of 318 – 222.78 = $95.22, or 42.7% over the US price.

Guess that I’ll be waiting for my next trip to the US to pick up one of these. Canadian retailers, I’m not the only one: bring your prices in line or we all start cross-border shopping.

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