FatFree Vegan Kitchen

I’m not vegan, although I do have a lot of vegan-like days since getting turned on to macrobiotics a few years ago: meat is not a daily staple, I rarely eat eggs, and cheese has become more of a treat than a regular occurrence. (That being said, I did eat both lamb and chicken at dinner last night) There’s a great vegan restaurant in my ‘hood, Fressen, as well as a good vegetarian place, Fresh, and I’ve taken carnivorous friends to both places without complaint: good food is about good ingredients and preparation, not whether it contains meat.

I stumbled on a great recipe website this week for those of the vegan persuasion, FatFree Vegan Kitchen, and there’s a lot of recipes there that would work perfectly well for any audience: Greek-style soy yogurt, a.k.a. yogurt cheese (which I used to make from cows-milk yogurt), whole wheat pasta with roasted veggies and olives, portabellas stuffed with red pepper hummus, and gazpacho with roasted tomatoes and peppers were just a few that caught my eye.

I have a lot of business travel in the next few weeks, which means that it’s very difficult to eat well, but I’ll be trying some of these out when I return.

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