Venus and Mars

Men and women communicate differently, there is no doubt. For example, Damir goes running with our friend Susan most mornings at the ungodly hour of 6:15am: she runs over from her place about 6 blocks away, then they go off for 5-8km together. Yesterday, I asked him how his run went, and he said that Susan was late (which is unusual). His story:

She was late because she stopped to talk to some firemen. She was edgy when we ran, it was some female thing.

In the evening, we met Susan and a visiting friend for drinks, and she noted that she’d had a pretty crazy day, saying that Damir probably already told me about what happened that morning. I said that he had said she was late for the run because she stopped to chat up some fireman. Her story:

She smelled smoke as she ran over to our place, went up the driveway of a house to investigate, and found their back porch on fire. She raised the occupants of the house out of bed, had the parking attendant at the lot across the road call 911, tried to keep the fire from spreading by kicking the bits of burning porch away from the house, and hung around to give her story to the police and firemen. By the time that she met Damir at the park across the road from us, she was 10 minutes late and still hyped on adrenaline, so much so that he had to tell her to slow down during the run.

Hmmm, a slightly different take on the story. 🙂

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