Comment trolls

I have a comment troll over on my business blog, and it’s painfully hard to do the right thing, which is to ignore them. Feeding the trolls only ever results in more insulting comments; luckily, as the blog owner, I can “unapprove” the comments instead so that they are hidden to all but me.

They must not realize that I can see their IP address when they post a comment, since it exposes them as being on the network of a vendor in the technology space that I write about. That leaves me with the deliciously wicked alternative of outing them if they become too annoying: although they’re not using their real name or email address, it’s a relatively small company location (although owned by a larger company that will be concerned about having its employees seen as acting unprofessionally), and they should be able to track down the offender internally.

The funny part is that after I blocked the offender the first time from further comments, he began posting under another name and email address; a bit of googling showed the addresses to be recognized pseudonyms for the same troll on some internet forums related to our industry.

I continue to be amazed at the things people will say when they think that they’re anonymous.

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