Technical BBQ sauce information

I get a lot of spam, but this one is new to me:

From: Tech Support [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: June 8, 2007 8:34 PM
Subject: Here is the information you were asking for.

Recipe for great BBQ Sauce:

1 quart apple cider vinegar
1 (20 ounce) bottle ketchup
1/4 cup paprika
1 pound dark brown sugar
1/4 cup salt
1 tablespoon black pepper
2 tablespoons red pepper flakes
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
1/2 cup lemon juice

In a large container, mix together the apple cider vinegar, ketchup, paprika, brown sugar, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice. Pour into an empty vinegar bottle, ketchup bottle or other container and store in the refrigerator for up to
1 month.

The email was plain text so no virus or tracking payload that I could find. Not sure what possible benefit that sending this spam message could have to anyone, unless this is the BBQ sauce that you’re supposed to serve on your Spam.

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  1. I get tons of these messages too, and like you can’t see what the purpose is, other than that they are annoying.

    They are always from “[email protected]”, where X can be any single digit number.

    Very wierd and pointless.

  2. I seem to recall a round of comment spam about a year ago that was seemingly innocuous but nonsensical; I think that it might have been testing the spam filters, because a deluge of comment spam followed shortly thereafter.

  3. Just searched for Admin4 @, as I received a salad recipe on my company email account from that source. Instead I found your blog! Wasn’t sure what to make of it, but now I am happy to see that I won’t be infecting the company server with a nice virus!

  4. Just got a copy of an e-mail from the same source: that said

    Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every
    time we fall.


  5. I just got this same bbq sauce email, but it was from “[email protected]

    The other weird thing was that it went to an email address that doesn’t exist. I have a website with two email accounts set up to go with the website. Both of those accounts are set to forward to my hotmail. This email was sent to neither of those two accounts, but the part was correct…somehow it still ended up in my hotmail account. Very creepy…

  6. Just started to get these; one yesterday and one today. Mine are also from “[email protected]” and are of the famous quotations type. I purged yesterday’s but today’s said:


    Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure.

    Edward Eggleston

    Yesterday’s was equally motivational. They did not have the correct email address, but since I am the web admin I have a catch-all account that snags anything with @ our domain name.

    Nice to know that they are still playing with this over a year after your original post.

  7. I received two emails today addressed to different recipients at our domain name, but both were from “[email protected]” and contained a recipe for overnight fruit salad. The mystery continues.

  8. I suspect they may be testing email addresses. If some bounce back and others don’t, then they know which ones are live addresses. Will probably be followed soon with a massive spam assault.

  9. My boss just received an email today from “[email protected]” with a contemplative quote. I was just looking into it to see if the .com was legitimate or business related and found this site. So I guess it is spam then, oh well, just thought I’d share.

  10. huh! my email was from [email protected], but the site doesn’t exist. Also, the email account that it was sent to has just been set up and no one has the address (I thought) yet. However same weird email…a recipe for:

    Recipe: Overnight Fruit Salad


    1 small head cabbage, shredded (about 5 cups)
    1 15oz can pineapple chunks, well drained
    2 11oz cans mandarin orange sections, drained
    2 cups seedless green grapes
    1/3 cups light raisins
    1 1/2 cups cubed Edam cheese
    1 8oz carton lemon yogurt
    1 cup dairy sour cream

    Instructions :

    1. Place cabbage on bottom of large salad bowl.
    2. Top with pineapple chunks, mandarin orange sections, grapes and
    raisins. Sprinkle cheese atop.
    3. Combine yogurt and sour cream; spread over salad, sealing to edge of
    4. Cover and refrigerate for 4 to 24 hours. If desired, garnish with
    lemon and lime twist, curly endive, and a grape.

    Enjoy, I guess…..

  11. I just got email from [email protected]], and when I googled it, this was the only thing I found.
    I have a feeling that you and I have a common friend who enjoys sending things out anonymously.

    From: Tech Support [[email protected]]
    Sent: Friday, August 01, 2008 2:32 PM
    To: Kevin
    Subject: The information you requested.


    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you
    didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail
    away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore.
    Dream. Discover.

    Mark Twain

  12. Got one dated July 13, 2008. It was sent to an account that I have never given out to anyone but a very close circle of trusted, antivirus-using friends and family. Got the random ‘”Recipe: Overnight Fruit Salad” from from Assistant [[email protected]]. This one bore the subject “The information you requested.”

    Until this, I had *never* had even a single spam on this account since I created it in 2002! What a bummer.

  13. Just got this email this morning on my work email account. The inspirational quote was “Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure.” I love it. People should listen to this spam. It may have more meaning in some respects than all that other real email we get. I love the Mark Twain quote.

  14. I got the BBQ sauce email – twice – from [email protected].

    With the rest of you – not sure what the purpose is, but to be quite honest, looks like pretty darn good bbq sauce! May give it a try!

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