Tales from the swarm

I don’t usually break the confidence of the swarm, but I just checked the history logs for the conversation that went on in our TorCamp group chat on Skype last night to find a few of them discussing the latest target of their website design scrutiny:

Swarmie #1:

ack! i just had a look at streets.to :O

i like the way it looks like the cab runs over the pedestrians on the sidewalk on this page //www.streets.to/assets/recent/elephantcastle.php

what a horrific website

hah! //www.streets.to/websitedesign.php

Swarmie #2:

re: streets.to websitedesign.


[quoting the actual site:]

<table border=”0″ width=”782″ bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” id=”table36″ height=”285″>
<td bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” width=”776″ align=”left”>

We offer website design services utilizing Macromedia Flash and superior programming.


Swarmie #3:

oooh man, stop it, you’re hurting my W3C sensibilities!!

These guys completely crack me up. 🙂

2 Replies to “Tales from the swarm”

  1. I thought the site looks alright. hmmmm – thought it would be bad when i followed the link you guys posted. i think its kinda different and fun for a change. most sites are the same old same old. anyways.

  2. There’s a lot of problems with Flash-based websites overall: they don’t support all devices (such as mobile browsers) and the content is not spidered properly by search engines, for two. I think that the streets.to site may have been updated since this was first posted, since I do recall that the taxi pulling up actually drove over/through a couple of pedestrians. However, it’s still a terribly designed site from a visual standpoint and, as my friends on the swarm pointed out, the underlying code is extremely bad from a technical standpoint. The fact that a site with such poor visual and technical design could also be offering website design services was part of what had us laughing.

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