Repatriating my business blog

A year and a half ago, I was invited to move my blog over to a site that was more of an old media site, but covered the technology space that I do: business process management, service-oriented architecture, business intelligence and other integration technologies. However, I’m blogging about all sorts of other things now, so have decided to move my business blog back to my own domain (actually, I had that domain redirected to where it was hosted, but you get the picture).

I’ll likely put a lot of my technology-related blogging over on my business blog now, and I need to see how things settle out in the next month or so in terms of what content goes where. I still believe that I need a “professional” blog and this “off topic” blog; not because I’m trying hide this blog, but because there’s people reading the other blog who aren’t interested in this one, and vice versa.

Some things I’ll post on both sites, like the daily auto-post of links from [I’ve decided to post the links only on my business blog, to reduce confusion]

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