My first WestJet experience

Today, I flew with WestJet to Montreal and back — my first time flying with them. It was weird to go into Terminal 3 in Toronto again, I haven’t been there for ages since I’m an Air Canada points whore, and it looked a bit tired next to the shiny newness of Terminal 1. The flight to Montreal left on time, although I could have done without the forced perkiness of the flight attendants that early in the morning.

We finished our meetings early and arrived back at the airport in Montreal around 3pm with oodles of time to spare before our 5:30 flight, so checked if there was an earlier one. First WestJet hiccup: not so many flights between Montreal and Toronto as Air Canada, so the next flight was at 4:45. It was $40 to upgrade, which we didn’t bother to do it since we were supposed to leave only 45 minutes after that. Then, 5 minutes later, I received WestJet’s automatic flight reminder:

From: [email protected]
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 15:16:24
Subject: WestJet Flight WS483 Reminder

Thank you for using WestJet’s Flight Reminder Service. Here is the information you have requested:
Flight #: WS483
Date: Mon, Jun 11, 2007
Departing From: Montreal
Scheduled Departure: 17:30 local time
Current Status: Late
Estimated Departure: 19:03 local time

Crap. We checked back with the WestJet desk to find out that the 4:45 was sold out, and the next flight was now 6:30, to be followed by our 5:30 leaving at 7pm. Again, not worth $40 to save 30 minutes — we’re boiling the frog now.

The delayed flight did leave at 7pm as promised, which is more than I can say for Air Canada when they have a flight delay, and we were able to find a spot outside in the sun where we could watch the planes landing to kill time for a while. However, I think that Air Canada’s wider choice of times would have got us home much earlier.

As a side note, I had wanted to fly Porter out of the island airport since I can practically walk there from home, but my customer booked the flight on WestJet from Pearson since it was $100 cheaper — almost exactly how much it cost me to take a taxi to and from Pearson. Beware of false economies.

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  1. Hi from WestJet
    Sorry to hear that your flight was late. But, I do hope that you had a good overall experience on our planes, and with our WestJet people. I hope that you will fly with us again in the future.

    Yours truly,
    (a WestJet Employee and Owner)

  2. Dave, thanks for your comment. I’d definitely consider WestJet for a route that is less served by Air Canada or for longer haul, but for the short Ottawa and Montreal hops, it makes a difference that Air Canada flies every hour (or more often) when I finish meetings early and just want to get home.

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