My first Priceline experience

Thanks to Jevon MacDonald and Priceline, I’m in the Hilton at Boston Logan airport for $65/night: regular price about 4 times that. First time that I’ve used Priceline, I was always a bit wary of the “name your price” option, but when I specified the area and the minimum number of stars, I realized that I’d be staying at either this hotel or the airport Hyatt, either of which were completely acceptable. Jevon clued me in that $65 was the price to bid (I have no idea how he knew that, but have since discovered some websites that collect recently winning Priceline bid amounts), and suddenly I’m paying less for 3 nights than I would have for 1 night at the Westin across the harbour where the Enterprise 2.0 conference is going on. I can certainly afford cab fare, or the inconvenience of the subway, for the price difference.

I’ll definitely be using Priceline again, although it is completely prepaid so no last-minute cancellations as you might have with a regular reservation.

I don’t know how they do it, but it’s completely silent in this room — my laptop fan is the loudest noise that I can hear. I’m facing the city rather than the runways, but I still thought that there’d be some level of flight noise. I’ve heard only one plane taxiing, and that one was practically under my window. New hotel, ergonomic desk chair, wifi (although not free), nice linens on the bed, bathrobes in the closet; I can definitely get used to this.

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