Expedia WTF

I used Expedia for the first time when I travelled to Las Vegas recently: they got me the airfare and hotel at the same price as I could have independently, but threw in a room upgrade and two free spa passes, so overall a great deal. After the trip, they requested that I write a review, which I did, as follows:

Hotel Review: I’ve stayed at Caesar’s Palace several times over the years when in Las Vegas on business, and found some of the rooms a bit shabby. However, they’ve been undergoing some renovations, and my room in the Palace Tower was top notch. It appeared to be fairly recently renovated, and the decor was very nice. The bed was dressed with high quality linens and a duvet rather than the standard polyester hotel bedspread. The bathroom was large, including both a jacuzzi tub and a separate shower stall, although there were surprisingly few bath towels: enough for one, but it would have been marginal if I hadn’t been staying alone. I also had a chance to visit the new Qua Spa, which was great. I used the Roman baths, steam room, ice room and sauna, then lounged around and had tea and fruit — decadent! Since I had a day free at the end of my business trip, I spent some time at the pools, and they’re great, although it’s hard to find a shady spot and it gets very hot in the afternoon. I ate dinner at 808 and was a bit disappointed: the highly-recommended “deconstructed ahi roll” was oily and not as tasty as I had expected, although the mahi mahi main course was delicious. The service was what you would expect from a high-end restaurant, and the wine list was adequate although not overwhelming.

A couple of days ago, I received the following response:

Thank you for your feedback. However, your review, which is included below, needs a few revisions before we can accept it. Please make sure you:

  • Write in English
  • Don’t write in all caps
  • Don’t mention specific prices or room rates
  • Don’t reference other hotels

WTF? As far as I can tell, my review is all in English and properly capitalized, and I don’t mention rates or refer to other hotels. Unless some idiot at Expedia doesn’t know that the Palace Tower and the Qua Spa are both part of Caesar’s Palace…

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