Travel notes

In the last 7 weeks, I’ve attended 5 conferences in 4 cities (Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Las Vegas), making presentations at 2 of them, plus squeezed in a 6-day vacation in Nova Scotia that was relatively stress-free right up to the point when the landing gear of my flight collapsed on touchdown on my return to Toronto. I have a serious case of conference bulge, caused by too much inappropriate food and drink, too much sitting, and a complete lack of willpower when it comes to exercising while travelling. I’ve visited my favourite and least favourite American cities. I’ve been at vendor conferences where they coddle me and turn me into a celebrity, and others where I’m pretty much ignored except for my hour on stage (the former is better for the ego; the latter is better for working on the tan and shopping).

This is the most intensive period of travel — barring a few month-long vacations in Europe — since my days as an evangelist for FileNet back in 2000-01. I’ve gone to a baseball game in San Francisco and a spa in Las Vegas, and eaten a lobster the size of a small dog in Nova Scotia. I’ve ridden the subway in Chicago, San Francisco and Atlanta. I almost got stuck in Chicago in the last snowstorm of the season, then saw snow again in Nova Scotia 5 weeks later.

I’ve silently blessed the new DVR at home that has captured every episode of Desperate Housewives and 24 that I missed. I was away for Damir’s birthday, and for the first and second crashes of his birthday present.

I missed a few wine tastings: my own wine club’s, the New Zealand wine fair, and others. I had days at home when it felt like all that I did was unpack, do laundry and repack. I had a cup of tea poured on me on the flight to San Francisco, and a bloody Caesar in my lap on the way to Atlanta: neither of them my own drink, and both on the same pair of pants.

My next scheduled trip is Boston, almost a month off, but a new contract that I just signed will take me to Chicago and Montreal before then, so this round of travel isn’t done yet.

In spite of all that, we spend some time last night noodling over a potential trip to Austria, Slovenia and Croatia next summer: there’s some travel of which I never tire.

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