Air Canada compensation

The day after my incident on an Air Canada flight last week, I received a phone call from them ostensibly to check up on me (maybe to find out how litigious I was feeling), with a promise of a follow-on letter. I gave the caller an earful of my concerns about the carry-on baggage handling security screw-up, and he appeared to note the concerns although I imagine that they’ve disappeared into the vast maw of Air Canada bureaucracy, never to be heard of again.

Yesterday, I received a nice letter from the CEO saying that they regretted the “disruption to my travel plans”, since I suppose that they can’t come right out and say “sorry that we scared you when our plane pancaked on the runway, wasted four hours of your time getting your carry-on baggage off the plane, then failed to provide adequate security for it”, and found an even nicer surprise in the envelope: a $400 voucher for any Air Canada flight. Considering that that’s more than I paid for the round-trip flight to Moncton in the first place, that’s fair compensation: it works out to about $100 per hour for a Sunday afternoon.

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