What’s the emoticon for ambivalence?

I saw this in large poster format in an apartment window while on the train in from O’Hare airport to downtown Chicago earlier this week:

I (heart) my period

My first thought that was this was a marketing campaign created by men, but it turns out the company behind it is a small group of women. I find it difficult, however, to share their sentiments.

2 Replies to “What’s the emoticon for ambivalence?”

  1. I also love my period, it is a monthly celebration of fertility, a cycle my body loves to follow, for some women it tells them they are not pregnant, for some women it is a way to connect to their body and its rythyms on monthly basis. Don’t you notice you get more horny just before your period, your body is screaming out last chance to get pregnant. I am abhored by the pharmaceutical companies that want to creat a pill that will make it so that you menstruate only every other month. Women who take the pill are destroying their bodies, the pill fakes your body into thinking it is pregnant, that is why it works, you can not get pregnant once you are already (even faked) pregnant. As long as I get my period my hormones are all in order, once my period stops towards menepause then you have to start worrying about osteoporosis due to lack of proper hormones in body from loss of period. Celebrate your menstrual cycle and take the chance to reconnect to your body of which most North American have totally disconnected themselves from

  2. “evolved feminist”, you should check an ovulation calendar: during those horny days just before your period, you’re not fertile since ovulation occurred more than a week prior. More likely, your body is screaming out that it’s a great time to have sex without danger of pregnancy.

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