Saying goodbye to an old friend

My new passport arrived today, and my old one — already rendered invalid via corner-clipping when I applied for the new one — goes into a drawer. This old one isn’t nearly as exotic as its predecessor, but still includes Iceland, UK, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Slovenia, Spain, Austria and the US. Not bad for 4-1/2 years of travel, but I wish that Canada would renew passports for 10 years rather than 5, especially considering that a lot of countries (US included) get antsy if you have less than 6 months before expiry.

I browsed through the previous one, which covered the period when I lived in the US and traveled a lot on business, and it brought back many memories: Germany, Scotland, Belgium, Egypt, UAE, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, South Africa plus my US TN and H1-B visas.

I have some notes that I posted to a website during some of that travel — this was in the pre-blogging days — that I should move over here, if I can track them down.

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