How much does your data cost?

If you’re like me, and have a data plan for your Blackberry with one of Canada’s mobile carriers, you feel massively ripped off every month when you get your bill, especially if you roamed outside Canada or went over your monthly data limit.

Tom Purves has plotted out just how bad this situation is in Canada, where 500MB/month of mobile data will cost you a whopping $1,600 from Rogers (my carrier), compared with as little as $58 in the US, or even $74 in Rwanda. He suggests that you talk to your MP to see what they’re doing about this huge barrier to technology competitiveness in Canada. While you’re at it, Digg Tom’s post so that it gets even more exposure.

One Reply to “How much does your data cost?”

  1. I just got a SMS from Rogers which says that they going to apply long-distance rates on top of my current air time rate to all long-distance incoming calls.
    This is just ridicules.
    In Canada we have worse mobile service in the world and this is not a joke. Most developing countries have lower price rate for much better quality mobile service. I will vote for anyone on next election who can promise that we will have the mobile service provider that can deliver high quality service with a reasonable price rate. There is no one country in Europe has so high price rate and so poor quality service!!!

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