Five things that make me part of Toronto’s tech community

As a lead-up to Toronto Tech Week, I was tagged by Dave Forde for five things that make me part of Toronto’s tech community, so here goes:

  1. I’ve started three technology companies in Toronto: a product company, Imara, during the late 80’s to build a desktop imaging and workflow product; a services company, MetaConcepts, during all of the 90’s to build custom software for business process management and e-commerce solutions; and my current one-person consulting gig. All in all, I’ve been a part of the Toronto technology industry since 1985, except for a 2-year American hiatus.
  2. I participate in the TorCamp swarm, a Skype chat group that’s been going on continuously since mid-January with topics focussed on technology but ranging all over the map. Lately, I’ve handed out advice about WordPress, Flickr and Windows Live Writer.
  3. I blog about local technology events and companies on this blog, and on my main business blog when applicable, to help promote the people, events and companies.
  4. I’m an active participant in local EnterpriseCamp events, and attend DemoCamp and other local camps to help spread all that techie goodness around.
  5. I’m an indefatigable technology evangelist with my non-technical friends, pushing them to get their own domains, start blogging, discover RSS feeds, upload pictures to Flickr and tag their favourites in

In turn, I’m tagging five others: Kieran Huggins, Rohan Jayasekera, Mark Kuznicki, Martin Cleaver and Sacha Chua.

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