A breath of fresh air in customer service

There’s often times when the customer service part of an organization can’t solve our problems, but the experience of the customer is impacted as much by the attitude and response of the customer service person as they are by whether the problem actually is resolved.

Earlier this week, I blogged about how I used ZoneEdit to get around the limitations of DomainsAtCost, namely, that they don’t have custom DNS, so can’t natively support my web site being hosted at GoDaddy and my email hosted on Google Apps. I submitted the following question to DomainsAtCost’s technical support:

You have stated in the FAQ that you don’t current support custom DNS (so that I can point my web hosting and mail servers to different providers, for example). Do you plan to support this in the future?

I expected a standard “we don’t have that, sorry” bot-like answer, and was pleasantly surprised to receive the following response:

Yes, but we have no ETA. Our support staff is pushing for it nearly daily, but have little word as to when it will be added.

The thing that I liked about this response is that I can see the real person behind the email: he’s frustrated (probably because customers like me keep asking for this), but his frustration is with their own implementation team in terms of getting the functionality up and running. Of course, I have a work-around so this is not critical for me, but real people in customer service can make a world of difference even when they can’t immediately solve your problem.

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