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Rogers, you have to love them (or not). I use their Blackberry service (voice and data), which has good service but I find incredibly expensive when travelling: there doesn’t seem to be a good way to add US roaming onto my voice+data plan, and let’s not even talk about international.

Anyway, they sent me an SMS message today:

Rogers msg: NEW Daylight Savings Time Mar 11. 2 keep UR device date & time correct visit dst 4 UR device updates. 2 opt-out of mktg msgs reply STOP

Cute. Very hip. “2” for “to”, “UR” for “your”. However, with the relatively large screens on many phones today, those abbreviations are for the benefit of the one typing the message on a phone keypad, not for those of us reading it. Since I’m assuming that someone didn’t type this using a phone keypad, this is just a bit too cutesy.

Okay, I want them to stop their “mktg msgs”, so I reply:


Right away, I get a reply:

Msgs sent to this address are not read. Go to

Les messages envoyes a cette adresse ne sont pas lus. Consultez


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