Fresh pancakes

On more weekends than not, Damir and I head down the block to Fresh on Spadina for brunch, which usually means their amazing pancakes. Not only vegan (which I don’t really care about), but macrobiotic (which I do): whole grains, no processed flour or sugar, and they taste amazing, truly the best pancakes that I’ve ever eaten. They come in either banana, banana nut, fresh fruit, or fresh fruit with almonds, but the problem that I have with all of them is that the orders are just too big. Three enormous pancakes, with some fruit on the side in the case of the fresh fruit ones, and I can barely wade my way through two of them.

In the past, I’ve ordered the kids’ portion, which is two pancakes, and that’s worked out fine. Today, however, I tried to do that, and the server said “I can’t do that, but I can bring you just two pancakes.” Okay, same thing as far as I’m concerned, and maybe they’ll knock $1 off the price or something (the kids portion is $2 less than the full size). When the bill arrived, no such luck: the order was for the fresh fruit and almond pancakes, with a special order line “2 PANK”, all for the same price as if I’d had 3 PANK instead of 2.

At least they didn’t charge me extra for the special order. 🙂

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