Conserve energy, raise your energy bills

CBC reports today that we’ve been so successful at energy conservation, Toronto Hydro is hurting due to lost revenues and wants to increase our prices.

Okay, let me see if I understand this:

  1. The government spends a ton of our tax dollars to encourage us to save energy.
  2. We (reluctantly, in some cases) comply.
  3. Eventually, we not only feel good about saving energy, we pay less on our hydro bill.
  4. Toronto Hydro complains that we’re not using as much hydro, so they have to raise our rates. Obviously, they thought that we wouldn’t actually conserve any energy in spite of the huge publicity campaigns and tax breaks, and didn’t build decreased usage into their planning scenarios. (Or maybe they need the cash to prop up their city wifi network boondoggle when they start charging $29/month for it and usage drops to zero. Or maybe they’re still paying out Wanda Liczyk’s severance.)
  5. Eventually, we pay more on our hydro bill.

What’s wrong with this picture?

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  1. Plus:
    If we really conserve energy like we could (and like we’re trying to) then there is no money or reason for them to (a) build the Portlands Energy Centre (PEC) or (b) insist that we need the PEC, like Peter Tabuns has been telling the government. since the PEC was announced. We can make do without. And, I hope, we can turn off those coal-fired electricity generation plants like Nanticoke.

  2. If you look at the Q&A page for PEC, it says:

    Q: Why can’t energy conservation be the answer to meeting Toronto’s growing electricity needs?

    A: This Spring the Ministry of Energy launched an aggressive program to conserve 300 megawatts within the GTA. If Torontonians respond, these savings will dramatically improve Toronto’s energy future. However, experts agree that conservation alone cannot fill the rising gap in demand resulting from a growing population and economic activity.

    Seems like we *are* conserving — either this Q&A is wrong, or the CBC article is.

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