A bit of social unnetworking

In spite of my modified Skype description that has stopped most of the unsolicited requests for contact, there’s still a few morons who don’t get the message. I’ve decided to create a rogues’ gallery of Skype Scumbags on Flickr showing their requests; you can find the entire set (as it grows) here, and I encourage others to share their snaps using the skypescumbag tag.

Today’s entry:

Skype scumbags rogues gallery

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  1. Sandy,

    I have been thinking about this blog posting all week because in some ways I find it very disturbing. Like you I am woman in tech with a Skype account and have also had many males on Skype who have tried to engage in “non business” communication. In the same fashion I would ask them the same questions as you, “Why do you want to talk”, ” Do I know you”, etc. I also found it very annoying and disturbing to say the least. So one by one I blocked these users (my blocked list now contains over 200 of these type of intruders), similarly like you I changed my profile not to include my gender which cut down on a lot of these intruders.

    I have a huge problem with you publicly humiliating these people and find it totally unnecessary, negative, and quite hypocritical. I find your approach similar philiosophically to a male internet user who decides to post on his blog pictures of all what he consdiers to be the hottest babes and posts pictures of them for all others to see, both his approach and your approach are to humiliate and shame and draw unnecessary attention. Your approach is retaliatory, aggressive and in the final analysis doesn’t really solve the problem.

  2. “evolved feminist”, you’re totally off the mark. In your example, a woman posted as a hot babe by a male internet user most likely did not instigate this activity in any way — she only had to exist, and have a picture somewhere on the internet, and he took it upon himself to exploit her image without her permission, or even contacting her. On the other hand, the men whose Skype profiles I’m posting have made unwanted, unsolicited an implicitly (or even explicitly) sexual advances to me, simply because I’m female and dare to state so on my profile. I didn’t “ask for it”, any more than a woman walking alone “asks” to be physically assaulted. I have a right to publish my profile on the internet and not be subjected to such requests, especially considering that my Skype public profile clearly says that I don’t accept blind contacts.

    I consider posting their requests for connection to be more like posting pictures of sex offenders, or deadbeat parents who don’t pay their child support — yes, it draws attention, and hopefully humiliates and shames them into not doing it again. If one guy on my “wall of shame” stops this behaviour, then it does help to solve the problem.

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