Yahoo has hijacked my domain!!

Three days later, the saga continues. Yahoo seems unable to figure out how to release my corporate domain and allow it to transfer to my new registrar, GoDaddy: it is still languishing in a “Pending Current Registrar Approval” state.

Today, I spent a long time on the phone with Yahoo technical support trying to get some actual technical support. I explained that I had initiated the transfer from GoDaddy’s side, entered in all the necessary information including the authorization code from Yahoo (which, when they receive the request to release the domain, is supposed to be Yahoo’s clue that I actually initiated the transfer). Then, I explained that the domain appeared to be stuck waiting for Yahoo to approve the transfer and relinquish my domain to the new registrar.

First, the tech support guy went through the same claim as I had fallen for earlier in the week, that they’re just the hosting provider and have nothing to do with the domains. I said that I had contacted Melbourne IT and that Melbourne had assured me that Yahoo was in fact a reseller of domains, so is required to deal with technical support issues. He immediately dropped that one — they must be trained to say that first for anything to do with domains, but also to not push it since it’s not true.

Next, he told me that the only way to “cancel the domain” (which is not what I asked to do) is to cancel my hosting account with them, which would cause interruption to both my corporate website (bad) and email (disastrous). I pointed out that I didn’t want to cancel my domain, just get them to release it for transfer, and he insisted that I had to cancel my hosting account in order to do this.

I tried to explain the logic of why this wouldn’t work, and even quoted their own help pages on this subject back to him: you transfer the domain first, then switch the DNS servers to your new hosting provider, then wait 2-3 days for the DNS changes to propagate through the internet, then cancel the old hosting account. If you cancel the old hosting account first, then you’re fucked: your domain will be unreachable until you get the domain transferred and the DNS servers.

We went through various rounds and permutations of this, including one where he came back, walked me through the pages to find my authorization code, and told me that I need this for the transfer. Duh, no kidding, moron — I told you that I already did that at the beginning of the call, and at least once since then.

I then waited 10-15 minutes on hold for a supervisor to come on, who told me the same thing: you have to cancel the plan in order to release the domain. I made him go to their own help page and read parts of it to him, highlighting the bit about “If you’d like to transfer your domain away from Yahoo!, we strongly recommend transferring your domain before you cancel.”

After a total of 58 minutes on the phone, and after the supervisor told me several times that I needed to cancel my hosting plan in order to get the domain to transfer, he started blaming GoDaddy: obviously, they haven’t initiated the transfer, because Yahoo’s systems would have released it automatically. And, by the way, he told me, definitely don’t cancel your hosting plan until that domain is transferred, or you’ll have an interruption in service…

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  1. Grrr,,, I feel the same way. My domain is stuck in Godaddy, but I am not sure what is going on. If ti is a GoDaddy problem or my old RegisterFly Problem.. whom i am transferring the domain from.

    How did this issue solve for you.

  2. Kris, my domain finally switched registrars today, but when it did, I think that Yahoo gave me a final screwing on the DNS by dropping any access to my old site location even though I still have my hosting plan there, because my domain is now completely unavailable. Normally, as long as you have both the new and old site locations up, there will be very little outage as the DNS addresses propagate.

    ICANN regulations say that if the relinquishing registrar doesn’t release the domain when requested, it will happen automatically after five days, so just wait it out.

    If you’re transferring FROM GoDaddy, they do have a way to expedite it, call customer service and ask them to do that for you.

  3. Yahoo Cancelled my domain

    it happened to me too. i requested a transfer ad they cancelled it putting it into redemption status. so after long distance calls to au. and $155 i am now waiting for melbourne it to “reinstate it” it has been 5 days since faxing them the authorizaion.

    Yahoo told me if i wanted a copy of the transaction they peroformrd i would have to subpeona it ina court of law and then hung up on me.

    SERVICE? i think not. save youreself the grief.


  4. Same situation here: my site has been off-line for the last 4 days. My domain transfer has been a complete nightmare. I think I just have to be patient until the request times out in 2 days and hopefully the domain will be at my new host.

    I also had to cancel my hosting plan with Yahoo: but I didn’t realize that I would not have access to the domain control panel, so they really screwed me over. I didn’t trust the way this was handled so around midnight that same day I called Yahoo tech support again. This time, the guy on the other end was even more condescending as he had me answer all kind of silly “security” questions before he would talk to me. One question was where I had met my spouse!

    He finally said that the procedure was correct and that the information in the help section was wrong. Since so many customers have similar complaints, I think the FTC and the BBB should stop Yahoo from registering domain names.


  5. Yahoo is currently withholding a domain name that I am trying to get transferred. They are hijacking it and should be reported to iCANN.

    This is illegal. File a complaint to iCANN.

  6. I had the same exact problem. The domain names were finally released to MELBOURNE IT which easily has the worst customer service in the world. Even worse than YAHOO. They never respond to e-mails and I have been trying for 2 months to get an authorization code so I can transfer my domain name to GoDaddy. My business is in turmoil while I wait for this to happen, since I can’t do anything. To make things more interesting, check out Melbourne ITs prices. What year do they think this i? They are charging $35 – $50 a year for domain names and they charge extra for e-mail!!!!!!

  7. I almost had to shoot up the club with

    two domains I’m registering for two different clients and the same bozo crap

    NEVER AGAIN WITH YAHOO… that’s why they suck

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