TransitCamp picked up by MSM

Last Sunday’s TransitCamp gained main-stream media coverage in today’s Toronto Star:

…last Sunday’s Transit Camp, a day of out-of-the-tunnel thinking on how to improve the Toronto Transit Commission, specifically, its clunky website, its shelters, its subway cars and the way it communicates with its riders.

The 100 or so campers were young, in their 20s and early 30s, mostly people who work in the communications and tech industries and university students, all madly in love with transit. The TTC is symbolic of their relationship with the city…

There’s a romantic connection between a certain type of young person and the red streetcars that are a symbol of the city.

The reporter seemed to be quite fascinated with both the age and the facial hair of the attendees — TorCampers as the lost hippie generation? — but gave a well-balanced view of the event (AFAIK, since I wasn’t there) as well as an accurate description of the BarCamp way of life.

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