Rocketing to the airport

When I flew home yesterday from Jacksonville (where I’ve been blogging all week on my business blog about the ARIS ProcessWorld conference), I thought that I’d give the Airport Rocket a try. It’s TTC route #192, an express bus from the airport to Kipling subway; it only stops once or twice along the way and is regular TTC fare with free transfer at the subway.

I had read about this route on Joey deVilla’s blog several months ago, and the combination of arriving at evening rush hour on Friday (when there’s a lineup for taxis, and the traffic downtown is wretched) and having only a light bag on wheels made me give it a try.

The bus stops first at terminal 3 (right at the start of the arrivals level, near post C12), then goes on to terminal 1. It picked me up at terminal 3 at 4:30pm, then picked up at terminal 1 at 4:38pm, and pulled into Kipling subway at 4:55pm. I was très impressed.

It took me just under an hour in total to get home because I have to transfer and take the Spadina streetcar down to Queen, but if you live on the Bloor-Danforth line, it’s likely faster than a cab, especially at rush hour. Also, you have to love $2.75 rather than $50.

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