Getting shot by Rannie

Rannie (a.k.a. photojunkie), a talented local photographer who I met through the TorCamp community, came over on Friday to shoot me. Photos, that is. I need a real headshot for my blogs and various speaking engagements coming up, rather than the current shot that was taken while on vacation in Murano.

I scrubbed the obvious bad ones — mostly the ones where Rannie couldn’t get me to shut the fuck up while he was shooting — but that still left almost 100 to choose from. Since I hate pictures taken of myself, especially those terrible posed family photos with rictus-like smiles on all faces (the result of “overexposure” while growing up with a father who worked for Kodak hence had nearly-free film), I asked the opinions of a few people who know me best for their opinions:

My sister Betty picked five that she liked, although didn’t specify any particular reasons:

IMG_0870 IMG_0862 IMG_0836 IMG_0816 IMG_0774

My boyfriend Damir picked his fave:


Rannie published what I assume to be his faves in his Portraits 2.0 set.

The best response came from my friend Pat in Ottawa, who works in PR so presumably sees a lot of headshots:

They evoke different reactions so here’s how I lined them up with what I got and you can decide if the pictures and the gut reaction are appropriate for what you are trying to communicate with the picture. I tended to pick ones that I thought focused on your best features; got the light in your eyes…I was looking for good lighting, flattering focus, no distractions. Now you know my criteria.

“Do not fuck with me and do I ever deliver the goods”:


“Seriously competent”:

IMG_0825 IMG_0821

“Softer, gentler, guider and mentor”:


“Fun to work with”:

IMG_0849 IMG_0813

“Competent, experienced and gorgeous”:


After going through the list myself, I narrowed it down to five (one of which was on Pat’s list, and one on Rannie’s):

IMG_0772 IMG_0809 IMG_0810 IMG_0815 IMG_0827

Turns out that I do like the smiley ones after all.

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