A mouse in the house

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to go away somewhere nice and warm in the middle of winter. I’m off in Jacksonville, Florida this week, so ended up having a Skype text chat with Damir earlier today while I was between conference sessions:

[10:24:29 AM] Damir says: caught a mouse last night
[10:24:39 AM] Sandy says: a mouse?? in our place???
[10:24:44 AM] Damir says: yep
[10:24:51 AM] Sandy says: funny, i thought that i heard something scrambling around the night before
[10:24:54 AM] Damir says: on windowsill in bedroom
[10:25:02 AM] Sandy says: we need to set some traps
[10:25:09 AM] Damir says: found the hole too
[10:25:14 AM] Sandy says: where?
[10:25:33 AM] Damir says: cable face plate behind the couch
[10:25:42 AM] Sandy says: get some traps from the hardware store and set them, just the cheap ones that we can throw out when they snap
[10:26:05 AM] Damir says: ok, but this is the only one
[10:26:16 AM] Sandy says: what, a lone bachelor mouse? i don’t think so
[10:26:49 AM] Damir says: well, the others are in that duct below windows
[10:27:15 AM] Sandy says: not surprising, i suppose. did you block the hole?
[10:27:20 AM] Damir says: yes
[10:27:30 AM] Sandy says: of course, dumb question 🙂
[10:27:53 AM] Damir says: named him Jerry, want me to keep him till you return?

I’m starting to get a strange feeling about this…

[10:28:02 AM] Sandy says: no thanks…
[10:28:31 AM] Damir says: maybe we could give him to Val [our neighbour] for the cats to play with

At this point, I come to the alarming conclusion that he didn’t actually *kill* the mouse yet…

[10:28:40 AM] Sandy says: is he still alive??
[10:29:39 AM] Damir says: yes – I have him in that plastic garbage bin – put a lid on it
[10:29:58 AM] Sandy says: please kill him, take him and dump him in the park if you can’t stand to do it yourself
[10:30:30 AM] Damir says: I may put him in plastic container & microwave
[10:30:40 AM] Sandy says: NOOOO
[10:30:48 AM] Damir says: cruel?
[10:30:50 AM] Sandy says: take him to the park and let him go, the cold will kill him
[10:31:29 AM] Damir says: ok

Hours elapse…

[5:44:37 PM] Damir says: sorry to report, but jerry is no longer with us..
[5:44:53 PM] Sandy says: poor jerry…did he go for a walk in the park?
[5:45:24 PM] Damir says: I don’t want to talk about it..
[5:45:43 PM] Damir says: He is in the better place now..
[5:45:49 PM] Sandy says: it better not smell like microwaved mouse in the apt when i get home…

4 Replies to “A mouse in the house”

  1. Oh that is so funny!
    Hope Jerry was a batchelor, and the only one in your unit…
    Might be time for the corporation to do something, although I don’t know what they could do that wouldn’t poison all of you.
    Let me know if you want to borrow my cats.
    Don’t know if they’d catch the mouse, but I had a mouse once in the powder room, and kept the door open so the cats could get in there… no more mouse droppings after that.

  2. Betty — didn’t see “Men in Trees”, but I can’t wait to hear about the mice in Alaska.

    Pat — I’m actually entertaining the thought of inviting my neighbour’s cats over for a few days.

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