The chick flick effect

The good thing about an unconference like EnterpriseCamp is that it doesn’t attract too many of the testosterone-laden alpha geeks that many tech conferences do, so although there were only 3 women in about 40 attendees, I had a pretty good time on Saturday. Also, there was no chance of a line-up in the ladies room.

Nevertheless, I felt the need for something a little kinder and gentler, and finagled Damir into going to The Holiday yesterday afternoon. I have to admit, it was even more chick-flicky than I had anticipated: Kate Winslet and Jack Black as a couple? As the credits rolled up, Damir turned to me and said “I need to go to the pub right now and drink a beer. And maybe eat some chicken wings. Or shoot something.” [Okay, I made up the shooting something part, but that was in the spirit of things] I reminded him that the season premiere of 24 was coming up in a few hours, and would have plenty of gratuitous violence to counteract the chick flick effect; that seemed to calm him somewhat.

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