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People who live outside North America are shocked that we are shackled to our mobile service provider since phones bought through them are locked to that provider. Roaming charges with most providers are prohibitively expensive, and I’d really like to just get a local pay-as-you-go SIM card when I’m travelling so that I can use the phone cost effectively.

There’s all sorts of ways to get your phone unlocked (like those kiosks in the shopping malls), before my recent trip to Europe, I thought that I’d try the legal way: by asking Rogers to do it for me. Here’s what they said:

In your recent email, you have informed us that you would like to have your Blackberry unlocked for international use.

Unfortunately we are unable to unlock Rogers Wireless phones at any cost. If you try to unlock your phone through a third party your warranty will be voided and there is no guarantee the phone will work thereafter. Rogers offers roaming while outside of Canada to all of their wireless customers who have a compatible GSM phone with either or both the frequencies of 900/1800MHz (850/1900MHZ while within North America). You may review the charges associated with your account while roaming at

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and thank you for choosing Rogers.

“Your warranty will be voided?” “There is no guarantee the phone will work thereafter?” As far as I know, they phone unlocking procedure consists of entering an unlock code using a standard option in my Blackberry; how could this possibly render my warranty void or my phone unworkable? Is this just another telco scam to make as much money as possible off me?

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  1. Hi guys, just to let you know the main point of actually loosing your warranty;

    1) If you use a HARD UNLOCKING service that requires a TESTPOINT or other method of unlocking your phone via a CABLE – this will void you warranty.
    2) Remote Unlock with the proper SUBSIDY CODE from Rogers / Fido will not void your warranty if it’s purchased from an AUTHORIZED reseller, ie or


  2. Don’t bother trying to get Rogers to release the unlocking code to you.. They’ll give you the run-around. And even if you agree to pay the $250 charge that they want, you’ll never get it.

    Before my recent trip to europe, i found this website based in Vancouver that was offering remote unlocking codes for my Blackberry Curve. The cost was $25, and I got my code delivered the same day. If you plan to stay in europe for more than 1 week, unlocking your phone would be the smart thing to do. I bought a sim card for 15 euros and it lasted me the whole trip. my friend who was travelling with me didn’t unlock her phone, she kept the Rogers card and came home to a surprise of $300 in wireless roaming chargers. 🙂

    i highly recommend this place to get your phone unlocked:

  3. They are saying that only to protect them self. You can pontentially damage your phone, if you do not get it professionally done. Basically if you take it somewhere else and they damage your phone, Rogers will not come and fix it for you. That is why I would suggest using only professional unlock solutions, like

  4. The only way to get your phone unlocked without voiding the warranty is by subsidy code. If you were to call Rogers or Fido and ask them to unlock your phone they would charge you $250+ and would give you the same code unlockers do. There are alot of websites out there selling unlock codes, but if you need a professional unlocking website with fast turnaround time I would suggest

  5. I’ve tried about 5 companies to unlock phones

    My 2 favorite were – Unlocked Blackberry Storm – Unlocked my BB B0LD

  6. I used and i received the unlock code in only 3 hours(overnight) and followed the instructions on the tracking page (yeah, they have a tracking page!). It worked like a charm! Now I will be able to use my phone in Europe without incurring roaming charges.

  7. Hi “alex” – considering that your email address is from mobileincanada, I assume that you work there or are a paid shill in some way. I don’t mind if vendor of phone unlocking add comments about their services here, but don’t assume that you have to hide your identity by posting a fake testimonial.

  8. I purchased my code through here…

    I heard about them through Blackberry Cool and had no problems. Turnaround said 0-48 hours for my Verizon Tour but got it back in less than an hour. Maybe a lucky time? Regardless, they were professional and quick. Can’t complain.

  9. I used as well and it worked perfectly! Codes were delivered to my inbox within 30 minutes and my phone unlocked right away!

    ps: I don’t work for mobileincanada or any other tech company

  10. Hi, i saw the top post here for – i went to it – but it sent me to – WOW!
    I ordered the samsung HYPE code at 816am, and i got my code at 822am – 6 minutes!
    I think those guys are the top level of this industry.
    I looked at all the sites mentioned here, and these guys have the lowest price and VERY Ultra Fast service.
    Thanks You Sandy this is a good page

  11. i just a tough call with Rogers, and those bastards think that they are kings, i had my Nokia E62 over after three years contract and requested them to give me an unlock code, or show me the black/white fine print on their document where it says they cannot, and they does not have any answer.

    It is very logical to assume that after the contract is over they simply cannot have any control over that phone and had to relinquish it to back to client.. another big scam

  12. Does anyone know:
    1. If I buy a phone from Rogers and unlock it so I can use it outside Canada, can I still uses it in Canada with Rogers once it is unlocked??

    2. Or if I buy another third party phone already unlocked, use it outside Canada, can I insert my Rogers phone sim card in it and use it inside Canada on my Rogers network??

    3. The Chinese clones smart phones offer very attractive prices , but are they getting better, worse, a complete waste, or worth a look??

  13. Answers to #1 and #2: if a phone is unlocked, that means that you can use any SIM card in it. So the answers are yes and yes. As for #3, I have no idea, although possibly someone else does.

    I think that most of the people posting comments on this post are companies that offer phone unlocking (or affiliates); I’ve let that continue even though it’s a bit spammy since this post gets a lot of traffic from what appear to be real people looking for ways to unlock their phones, too.


    I have found that is the cheapest place to unlock cell phones. US$8 for a Blackberry and it worked as they said. However when I tried to get my Samsung x507 unlocked the code didin’t work. I found a site which said that I could do it for free and it worked. I asked for a refund and they refused. I phoned my credit card company and they gave me a credit instantly. The agent indicated that are under investigation with respect to their business practises. So don’t know how much longer they will be able to take money via credit card. Probably pop up under another name I suppose.

  15. My European unlocked (lock ran out after a year) triband cellphone with a European simcard (o2) does not work in Atlantic Canada where there is Rogers only covering the wireless areas. No calls incoming or outgoing are possible. Only text messages come through.

    In a landline call, Rogers claimed my cellphone itself is branded to a company which it is not. The o2 branded simcard itself has so far worked everywhere in the world, just not with Rogers. Rogers claims to have contracts with o2 for international wireless calls.

    As this is a freshly and fully loaded prepaid card (valid one year), I wanted to use up the units on text messages within Atlantic Canada. Switching on the phone after a few months of it being switched off, I had to discover that all my prepaid units were gone. Rogers has sucked my prepaid money out of my cellphone. For what? Switching it on?

    Tourists beware, do not buy a cellphone from Rogers nor a simcard (prepaid or not) by them, you will be scammed badly. Let the tourist board get knowledge of this, too.

  16. I have one questions… How do these companies get the blackberry unlock codes in the first place (its not a calculating program by the way!)? There seems to be many new sites popping up every day so there must be some way to get the list.

    1. is 100% Guaranteed or your money they have always been  great to work with and provide good service. Not sure why you experienced this

  17. Hi Sandy,

    Need your help. I’ve been reading the posts regarding unlocking phones and there seems to be a lot of “spammers” promoting their own companies. Who can I trust? I have a Nokia 3710 with Telus that I would like to get unlocked. Can you recommend a legitimate company?

  18. Hi Mike,
    The blackberry that I had at the time that I wrote this article went to my husband, and he unlocked it with – not an option for your Nokia phone. Since then, I bought an iPhone (locked to Fido) and suffered with that for two years, but got by because of the availability of wifi in most of the hotels and conferences that I went to outside Canada, with the addition of the Skype app for calls over wifi. I’ve just bought my second iPhone, factory-unlocked from Apple, so that I don’t have to worry about unlocking again in the future.

    Obviously, I can’t vouch for any of the companies (or spammy affiliates) that posted comments here – I approved most of them because I didn’t want to censor out any legit ones, and I wasn’t in a position to decide what was legit. Unfortunately, you’re on your own with this one.

      1. Hi Sandy,

        It’s me again. 
        I decided to go with MobileInCanada and I’m happy to say that they were able to unlock my phone in a relatively short period of time. Great customer support too! I highly recommend them. 

        Just for the record, I wish to state that I do not work for them nor am I affiliated in any way. I’m just a satisfied customer.

        Mike R.

  19. I tried and it worked for me too. I unlocked my HTC Legend from Virgin Mobile. One thing they didn’t really mention is that you need another SIM card to do the unlocking. I used my wife’s SIM card. Basically, if you’re unlocking your phone so you can bring it on a trip (like I did), you’re better off unlocking it while you’re still in Canada so if the code doesn’t work it’s easier to do something about it. If you can’t borrow someone else’s SIM card, you can always buy one at 7-11 for like $10… or take your chances.

  20. I used mobile in Canada and it DID NOT work. Yes, they were very quick to supply me with an unlock code (within 30 minutes) but the code they sent me did not work. I emailed their “tech support” to enlist their aid but as yet (the next day) I still have not heard anything back. If I do not hear from them in the next 48 hours I will be contacting my credit card company to have the charge reversed for non-delivery of product and I will report them to the BBB. I can keep you posted if you’d like.

  21. I have just tried to purchase a code from MobileinCanada and have been unsuccessful. I purchased it over 2 hours ago and the tracking page asks me to “refresh in few minutes” and I have contacted them on their site and through email and got no reply. I will also be contacting my credit card company in 24 hours. The only reason I was unlocking the phone on the web at all is because it was a gift and Koodo does not unlock phones full stop, for any amount of money. I have a Telus SIM card in the phone but can’t use it until it’s unlocked.

    1. try [email protected].

      You should have gotten an email from them if it went through okay, and in that email are all the links to support.

      You will also see a pdf invoice on your support page if everything went through okay.

      It should have only taken about 10-15 minutes total.

  22. Recently used They appear to be open and honest about their business, have an easy to use website, and charge $20 on paypal or credit cards. Easy to get help and support by the looks of it. Took about 10-15 minutes to get the unlock code – the most time was waiting for them to process it I think – almost like an appointment. That seems fair and reasonable, considering the technology and convenience of running such a site. I haven’t seen any bad information about this company so we were reasonably confident it was a good company.

  23. Yesterday, before ordering the unlock code from for my Koodo Galaxy S2 X, I made some reserches to be sure I was not going to lose my money. I checked this company in the Office the protection des consommateurs site and there was not complaint about them, then I checked the information about this company in the Registre des entreprises du QuĂ©bec site. This site confirmed the name of the owner of this company and the address in QuĂ©bec. The most important: after ordering the code, i received it 12 hours after… and it works. I will recommend this site to my friends.

  24. I posted earlier – after about 7-8 hours Mobile in Canada finally responded and gave me a link to a new tracking page. It was in French. I got them to post it in English and after 9-10 hours I had my unlock code. I don’t think these sites are a bad thing, just don’t count on it taking 10 minutes. Sorry it took so long to reply but I forgot.

  25. I just wanted to post about the positive experience I just had with Mobile In Canada.
    From the time of paying for the unlock from Telus to receiving the verification that the iPhone was indeed unlocked took just 8 1/2 hours. Other sites had said it could take from 3-10 business days. I really appreciated that others had written about their positive experience with Mobile In Canada because it made me feel a little less nervous about using them. I thought I would pass on the favor to someone else.

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