Netfirms has the last word

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I had a run-in with a crappy hosting provider (Netfirms) that resulted in me blogging a lot of bad (yet completely true) stuff about them, and them letting me out of my year-long contract with a refund of the unused months. That finished in mid-November when I moved the site in question (my wine-tasting club’s site) to GoDaddy.

Just after I left for Europe in mid-December, more than a month after I moved the site off Netfirms, I receive a nice email from their technical support:

Thank you for your inquiry.

We have made some changes to your configuration and can currently see an improvement in the speed with which your site is currently loading. We will continue to monitor this and will make any tweaks or changes as necessary to ensure that the site continues to load quickly.

We would like to ask that you monitor your site as well and if you continue to experience any issues, please contact us.

Thank you for your patience.

I was going to email back to them and let them know that the speed improvement was because I’d moved off their skanky hosting a month before that, but they should have to figure that out for themselves.

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  1. I can’t believe you got all the way through a blogpost about Netfirms without the use of the word “sucks”. Insert raised eyebrows emoticon here

  2. At first, Netfirms seemed ok. But I started getting reports that my dynamic pages were dead due to MySQL errors. It got worse and worse. Last week it was down more than it was up. In the meantime, I’m paying Google to drive customers to my site. It was unacceptable.

    The technical support was zero. I’m generally willing to work with a vendor to mend an ailing relationship, but I couldn’t even get a response, much less a real answer for these problems.

    Today, I pointed the DNS to my new host at FutureQuest. So far, so good. Their techies have been great. They even helped me diagnose a problem with my ISP that was keeping me off the server.

    karl at affordabletestgear dot com

  3. Yes, Netfirms SUCKS!!! Everyone should avoid at all costs. Their over-taxed systems can’t even process very simple blogs, and you can barely get in to edit them before getting 505 errors. Horrible!

  4. Oh god, I absolutely hate netfirms. My case was escalated actually to the President – as it was a year of arguing over the fact that my website was down, more than it was up. One word of advice for anyone looking for webhosting – Do NOT go with Netfirms. It will save you a lot of headaches. I get so angry when I think about this company.

  5. Hi,

    Our site has also been experiencing tons of issues due to netfirms. What really makes me angry is that they will not even return an email. I am so frustrated with them at the moment because I feel like they just do not give a crap about their longtime paying customers. We to just renewed our contract, but are now getting 1000’s of internal server errors a day. It is intolerable and I think that we will be switching very soon.

    Do not go with netfirms, they are awful.
    Mike Williams

  6. Given that this site came up in my searches, Netfirms must be relatively good site. Afterall this is not a complaints site. For many of the other hosts I have used, I see more negative comments.

    That being said, I need them to improve that crappy webmail interface. I spoke to a customer service rep this week and he mentioned that a new one is coming.

    Mike, email their customer service manager, she is good.

  7. I have to say after being with netfirms for over a year now and hosting two sites with them I have had about enough. On top of all the issues you have had with them ( which I can relate to) I recently called them to ask why I could no longer upload content to my site. They politely informed me that they were doing work on the server and had taken my access away. They didn’t give me any warning this was going to happen, and when I asked how long it was supposed to take I was told over a week. Unbelievable. Unfortunately I am relatively new to all this and didn’t know what to look for in a host, I have learned my lesson and I am thinking about switching to godaddy.
    Thanks for the posts.

  8. We have used Netfirms for a number of years. I have the Enterprise 1 package and we have had various issues in the past that are usually resolved within 24hrs. Recently we started seeing major problems with our main site. It started with slow performance, then CGI concurrency limit messages and now the site is more or less offline completely. We reported the problem three days ago and it’s still not resolved. Netfirms initially indentified some issues but have never provided any detailed information on the issue and how it was going to be fixed.

    Customer service is an oxymoron to Netfirms. I started to email their support organisation to request a status and ETA on a fix with no success. When I telephones them to enquire about the status of the problem, they initially refused to acknowledge any issue. When I finally convinced the engineer to review my account in more detail he found a case open on our issues. He then simply mentioned the problem was being worked on but there is no indication on the issue would be fixed. We operate a charity music competition and festival and the problems are occurred during our yearly festival week. This means people cannot check schedules, book tickets, or find out general information. In essence, it’s a catastrophic event for us.

    We have tried emailing their customer support manager Pamela Harding, their CEO Thomas Savundra and various other billing and sales divisions with no success. I would suggest to anyone thinking of opening an account with Netfirms to seriously consider an alternative. They may have competitive rates but if you experience technical issues you may find them lacking in the service department.

  9. I designed my own site…all I needed was a total conversion of the site to WordPress. It has now been 9 months and they still can’t get their act straight. Their”designers” have no concept of design. All I needed was for them to make as close as possible the same site I had created. They have been a total nightmare to deal with. I have almost paid $2000 and still no one has contact me regarding updates without me speding 3 hours trying to get some answers when I need it.

    I am trying to get a hold of the president and no one knows how to contact him….can you believe this?????

    Never Use Netfirms

  10. Hello, I’ve had the same hell as all the above. My only question is, how do I switch to GoDaddy withought losing my wordpress designs?

    I regret the day I signed up with netfirms.

  11. Tony, it’s pretty easy to move your WordPress site, I’ve done this several times before. Instructions at — basically, you move all your files over (which includes your themes and plugins), then export your database, create a new database on the new server, and import that. You’ll need to modify your wpconfig file with the new database parameters that you will get from the new host. It’s all pretty straightforward if you walk through the instructions at the link, or there are several other references online for doing the same.

  12. did we mention that nefirms sucks & blows at the same time?
    have several domains with them, since hosting with them will expire in a couple of months,  they all point to the same page here:
    they are ripping people off since being acquired by eig, ( a bunch of right-wing redneck fags).

  13. Hello Sandy, even though you wrote this post in 2007 fast forward April 4, 2012 and today I am the one having major problems with Netfirms. Before coming to your site, I was googling Netfirms to see if anybody else had any problems with them and I found your site. I am having problems with them because they cannot find a solution to my mass email problem. They changed some settings to my mass email function on my bulletin board and now I cannot mass email my members. I contacted support and I have been back and forth with different techs since yesterday and they still cannot provide me with a solution. They will not even read my entire ticket and they just ask me the same question that another tech has already asked.

    As of yesterday I have talked to the following tech supports and they have not solve my problem. And this is only for one ticket that I submitted yesterday.

    List of Tech supports that I have had contacted with in one day are as follows:
    Kaila Pearson
    Steven Davidson
    Simon Austin
    Ariel Danson
    Christopher Cuizon
    Gavin Ranch
    Herman Ray
    John Vincent Ramos
    Sidney Kent
    Saul Reid
    Ariel Danson
    Aden Nelson
    Pearla Sims

    They keep wanting me to upgrade or they blame the phpbb script for my problems. The reason I decided to comment on your blog was to ask you what hosting company you are now using. I still have 6 months of service with netfirms but I am fed up with their slow page loads, sucky tech support and email problems. Thanks for this post.

  14. Hi Rick,

    We may have very different needs from a hosting provider, so no guarantee that what works for me will work for you.

    For my main business blog, which gets a lot of traffic, I use PressHarbor, which is optimized for WordPress sites and even does my WP upgrades faster than I would have done them myself. I haven’t had a problem with them, so can’t speak to their service responses.

    For this blog plus all of my other WordPress sites, I use a single account on BlueHost. It’s not as industrial strength as PressHarbor, but is a more generic hosting provider (rather than WordPress-specific) and also lets me host multiple domains under a single account without paying extra for each.

    For email, I use Google exclusively, so even if the domains are hosted by these providers, the email is managed on Google Apps. I don’t do mass emailings at all, so not sure of what any of these providers will be like for that.

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