The continuing war on moisture

Morning arrival in MunichWe change planes in Munich on our way from Toronto to Zagreb. Exhausted after not sleeping on the overnight flight, we thankfully don’t have to change terminals or even go through security: it’s only a short walk down the terminal from our arrival gate to where our flight will leave for Zagreb in two hours.

I take a seat in the empty gate area while Damir goes in search of a land-based toilet for himself, and a bottle of water for me. 20 minutes elapse, then around the time that I’m ready to send out a search party, he returns with a bottle of Evian.

When he went into the shop to buy it, they asked for his passport. Then his boarding pass. Then they scanned his passport. Then he had to sign a form. Keep in mind that this is not duty-free, hence there’s no issue about where we’re travelling. Also, we’re already beyond security so any purchases of liquids should be pre-cleared. Is this just some hyper-active German regulation that hikes up the nonsense liquid restrictions another notch? Or is there some real reason why we should have our passport and boarding pass scanned in order to buy a bottle of Evian that will be consumed long before we get on our next flight?

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