Netfirms suckage quantified

I know, I’ve got this stuck in my craw and I’m not letting go, but just wanted to share some hard data on how much Netfirms sucks. When you load the admin dashboard screen in WordPress, it helpfully provides the load time for the page at the very bottom, right beside the WP version number. Here’s how my three hosts stack up:

  • GoDaddy, 3.95 seconds
  • Yahoo, 5.71 seconds
  • Netfirms, 19.15 seconds

Yup, it’s almost 5 times slower on Netfirms than on GoDaddy.

If you move from the dashboard page to the “Manage posts” page, we’re looking at 1.39 versus 3.01 seconds for GoDaddy and Netfirms, respectively — still over twice as slow on Netfirms. The “Presentation” page, which displays thumbnails of the themes available, is 0.88 versus 3.75 seconds, more than 4 times slower even though the GoDaddy-based site has three times as many themes to display.

Out of interest, I googled “Netfirms sucks” to see if I was getting any hits from this yet, and found many other people with the same problems (apparently even in other languages). I saw the reviews on HostSearch and decided to add my own to the mix.

In looking for Canadian-based hosts with good reviews on HostSearch, I came across 8i Networks, which has some solid reviews across the board; I’ll be investigating further.

4 Replies to “Netfirms suckage quantified”

  1. ya know, I’m still happy with that company I use… I know they had some problems over in the European business, but I’ve only had sweetness and light over here… so far, anyways (4 years, I think).

  2. 1&1? The reviews look like they’re good for static stuff, but the MySQL issue is a big one because I want to run the entire site, not just the blog, on WordPress.

  3. Netfirms sucks the biggest one ever! My site goes down multiple time a week – EVERY WEEK!!!

    I despise their company with every molecule in my being!!!

    When my 1-year contract is over – I AM SO THE HELL OUT OF THERE!!!



  4. Andrew, read the whole series of posts that I did on this here. I switched my site elsewhere, then complained to customer service and did manage to get a refund of 10 months of my contract (I was 2 months into it). You might be able to do the same.

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