Men in tights, packing flutes

Going from Mozart’s Requiem a week ago to his Magic Flute last Friday was really looking at the extreme ends of the Mozart spectrum, and I haven’t crammed that much culture into one week since my last marathon weekend at the Shakespearean festival in Stratford.

Concerning the operetta, I don’t know what the prince was carrying in that oversized codpiece stuffed into his ballet tights, but I really enjoyed Opera Atelier‘s version of The Magic Flute, as did the G&M’s reviewer. They did make Papageno completely and campily gay, so much so that I was expecting Papagena to be another man, but that provided one of the main comic themes of the operetta. The other fine comedic bit was that of Monastatos, the Moor who evilly and lustfully chases the princess around.

The voices and performances were outstanding, and the costumes were brilliant. They were backed up by the Tafelmusik Orchestra, also excellent.

Tickets have just been made available for a new, final matinee on November 26th.

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