Check out the new widget in my sidebar, just below the photos, called “What I’m Reading”. It’s generated from LibraryThing, where I can enter in books that I have in my library — using some very easy search tools that check Amazon and a number of other sources, so that I can just enter the title or author and see a list of hits — then create a widget for my sidebar that shows my recent books. By just adding in each book as I’m reading it, and setting the number of books to display to 1, it always shows what I’m reading right now. Okay, it shows one of what I’m reading right now, since I often read more than one at a time.

I’ve been thinking for a while that I really need some sort of social networking mashup around the Toronto Public Library site, where I could show the list of books on my hold list, and see those of my friends in order to get ideas of what to line up next. I have to check out more of the LibraryThing functionality, but this might serve a similar purpose.

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