Blackberry trivia: using other applications while on the phone

I always thought that I couldn’t access other Blackberry applications while I was talking on its phone, but I saw a video review of the new Blackberry Pearl today that made me try something that I’ve never tried before.

I just found out a few weeks ago (yeah, okay, I finally read some of the documentation after a year) that I could switch applications on my Blackberry 8720 by holding the Alt key and clicking the Escape button, which makes perfect sense considering that you use Alt+Tab in the Windows world to switch applications. That means that I can be in a message, then switch over to my calendar to check a date without exiting the message, then switch back to the same spot in the message. When I’m viewing a long message from a long list of messages, this is very handy.

I thought that I’d try this out with phone calls, and it works perfectly. Of course, you probably want to be on a headset to do this, otherwise you have to take the phone away from your ear in order to view the other applications, but if you’re on a headset you can just keep talking while you switch to other applications. I can even send a text message at the same time as I’m on the phone, for example, if the person that I’m talking to wants me to send them an address or other information by SMS or email. Cool!

This means that I’ll be carrying my headphone with me a lot more often, I think, although I rarely talk on the phone and tend to use much more email and SMS.

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