Testing out Flickr plugin for Windows Live Writer

Detail of JalinePol paintingJust testing out the Flickr plugin for Windows Live Writer, which allows me to search for any Flickr user’s photos and pop them right into a posting in Windows Live Writer (which I now use for all of my blogging). Suddenly, I’m not so concerned about the problem that I was having setting up a direct link to my blog from GoDaddy, even though it turns out to have been resolved since last time that I checked, since this is so much better! Thanks to Kate for pointing me to this.

One bug that I’ve found: the alignment feature doesn’t work: I selected to align this photo “right”, which it didn’t (I had to do it manually). When I looked at the HTML code that it generates, the reason is clear: inside the img tag, it is using the tag “alignment=right”, which is not a valid tag; it should be “align=right”.

Also, one feature that I’d like to see: although it does retain the Flickr username that I was last searching for, which will typically be my own, it doesn’t retain other setting defaults such as the picture size.

I’ll be trying this out more over the next weeks, since this makes it so much easier to blog with Flickr photos.

I’m also going to try out the acronym plugin for my business blog posts; I wrote a bit of Javascript to do this for when I was composing in the browser interface, but have been missing that since I moved to Live Writer.

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