I can’t say enough good things about the Body Blitz spa. I was there last week (my 3rd or 4th visit), and it was heavenly. First of all, partaking of the “waters” before your treatment is a blissful experience, especially on a chilly day like last Thursday when the heat was not yet on in my condo and I had been feeling cold all day.

It works like this: you book a massage, body scrub, or whatever else that you want from their service menu, then you show up an hour and a half early for a free visit to therapeutic waters: soak in the big warm salt water pool for about 15 minutes, then off to the (hot hot hot) steam room for 5, a rinse in the shower then a minute in the cold plunge pool, then 5 minutes in the dry sauna, another rinse and cold plunge, then 5 or 10 minutes in the hot green tea pool before returning to the salt water pool to finish the cycle. Women only, bathing suits optional.

At the end of it, you can lounge around the pool for a while until you are called for your treatment, and you head off into the rooms at the back for a massage, scrub or mud bath. While my friend Rajani went for her massage, I indulged in “the sampler” body wash and scrub with the mint-lime sea salt scrub.

Totally relaxed, we headed over to Johnny Banana‘s for mojitos and the best chicken enchiladas this side of Mexico City. I read a review for Johnny Banana late last summer just after they opened, and visited for the first time before they even had their liquor licence. I can’t find the original online review, but everything that I’ve had there has been fabulous, especially the chicken enchiladas with green tomatillo sauce that we both had last week — not on the regular menu, alas. They’re in a bit of a funny location, on Bathurst a few doors north of Queen, so miss much of the Queen West walk-by traffic but definitely deserve a closer look (and taste).

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