Preparing for Hallowe’en

I don’t usually make a big deal about Hallowe’en — in fact, for years, I was one of those people who sat around in the dark at home so that no one would knock on my door. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I haven’t attended a lot of Hallowe’en parties in my adult life.

A few years ago, one couple started inviting me to their Hallowe’en parties. They have an old Victorian house, very traditionally restored and in a dense thicket of trees: very appropriate setting for a spooky night. It’s also a mutual friend’s birthday a few days before, making the celebration for her birthday as well as Hallowe’en. Many people wear costumes that are some sort of visual pun, and three years ago (the last time that the party was held), I wore a half-slip stenciled with all sorts of psychoanalysis-related words (a Freudian slip) and dressed Damir in a t-shirt with the letter “e” stenciled on it (e-male). The friend whose birthday it was happened to have been laid off a few days before, and I suggested that she wear a pink slip, which she not only did, but used it as a way to tell people at the party that she had been canned — quite therapeutic for her, I think.

A short time after that last party, the couple who held the parties split up. She stayed in the house, he moved in with his girlfriend (that’s her faerie illustration on the right), and there was a lengthy and acrimonious battle in spite of the fact that they both had been involved with other people throughout a large part of their marriage. Recently, she moved away to another city with her boyfriend, and her soon-to-be-ex-husband moved back into the house with his girlfriend. Now they’re reinstating the traditional Hallowe’en party. Okay, it might all sound a bit weird, but I quite like them both and plan to attend.

There’s always the question of what to take to someone’s house for a party, and although we’ll likely just take a bottle or wine (or two), I saw some great ideas on Boing Boing: “finger” cookies and a Jello brain (the mold for which you can buy here). They also linked to a great site for making Hallowe’en decorations from tampons — I love the little tampon ghosts, I may have to try a few of those myself.

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