More on how Netfirms sucks

Did I mention that Netfirms sucks? Oh yeah, I wrote about it a two days ago. This morning, I couldn’t get on to my webmail, and pages from WordPress were taking 15-30 seconds each to load. When I tried to go to the WordPress admin pages, I would get part of the main dashboard page, and then a big blank.

Although I had an idea that it would be a useless endeavour, I called Netfirms support (at least it’s a local number) and explained the problem. The tech support person had me retry things several times, during which time I don’t think that she actually did anything, just tied me up on the phone, which I think is their general ploy to wait until the system gets past its current hiccup. I started to rant a bit about the service, saying that I didn’t expect to have constant site outages and performance problems, and she recommended that I upgrade to one of their enterprise plans. Riiiight. First of all, the site in question is for a non-profit wine club that I help to manage, and we don’t have either the budget or the requirement for the bigger hosting plans. Secondly, what possible confidence could I have in their ability to run an enterprise hosting plan when they fuck up the “Advantage Business” plan so badly?

She said that she would open an “interaction” for this, and I asked to have it escalated, but I’m not hopeful with the outcome.

The best part was when I asked her for the name of the head of customer support — presumably her boss, or her boss’ boss’s boss — and she said (after a long pause) “I don’t know”. I burst out laughing and hung up.

In addition to my rants here, I’ve put a review up on Epinions with all the details, so hopefully will keep some poor sucker from going down the same road in the future.

A note to the kids over at CommandN: having sponsors whose products suck are not good for your image.

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