Garth Turner’s transparent politics

I’m about as far as you can get from being conservative (or Conservative), but I have a huge amount of admiration for Garth Turner, the former Conservative MP from Halton, for the level of transparency that he brings to the political process. First of all, he blogs. Second, he blogs his opinions even when they don’t toe the party line. Third, when he gets booted out of the Conservative party, he posts a video about it on Google Video.

I’ve had a soft spot for Turner ever since he helped out my sister and her husband almost 30 years ago when they were stuck in an 18% mortgage snafu: he publicly named the bank in his influential morning business column in the Toronto Sun, and the problem was magically resolved within days. Lately, he’s more likely to be publishing his thoughts on a number of issues where his opinion differs from that of the party, such as child care, same-sex marriage, and the publication ban when the bodies of soldiers are brought home from Afghanistan. (Not surprisingly, he’s in favour of children, tolerance and freedom of the press.)

Meanwhile, the Conservative party backs up their actions by saying that there were “confidentiality concerns” about his blog, which sounds a bit too much like the US cracking down on music pirates as part of “national security”: I can almost hear the jackboots marching in the streets.

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