Back to the old friends

The nice thing about coming home after a week or so away is meeting up with my old friends again. Like that pound of asparagus that I bought before I left. Oh well, at least the parts that hadn’t gone slimy made for a good lunch today, which is more than you can say for some friends. 🙂

Although I had the greatest intentions of putting my head down and getting a lot of work done this week, so far it looks like this:

  • Monday: fly home from London, pretend to be a vegetable the rest of the afternoon, answer some email, watch a bit of TV and crawl into bed early with a book
  • Tuesday (that’s today): blog, do laundry, do a customer conference call twice when they get the time wrong, and (any minute now) have an afternoon nap
  • Wednesday: figure out how to attend two webinars that are on at the same time, maybe get some real work done, then take off mid-afternoon to run my wine-tasting club’s annual silent auction since the usual organizer had a family emergency
  • Thursday: visit a few condos with the real estate agent, do two conference calls (one of which is actually billable), a bit more work, then knock off around 5 to go to the spa and dinner with a friend (since god knows, I’ll need it by then)
  • Friday: no other distractions booked, so I really might get some work done that day, although I do have a friend in town from Phoenix who I want to meet up with some time…

Sometimes the flexibility of being self-employed is great, and other times it just highlights how little motivation that I can have some days.

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